What We Know About “Saving Flora” So Far

There is a new independent family drama coming to television. “Saving Flora” is destined to be the next big hit for viewers who love elephants. We know that the film has been announced but there isn’t a lot of press available on it yet. We’re still waiting for a trailer to give us a foretaste of what is to come, but we were able to scour out some juicy tidbits of information about it. Here is what we know about “Saving Flora” so far.

The Storyline

The film is a drama about a circus elephant named Flora. She is no longer able to perform the tricks that made her an asset to the circus. The owner has decided to have her euthanized because she is more of a liability and expense now that she can’t pull her weight in the circus. Her fate is not a desirable one, so 14 year old Dawn, the daughter of the circus owner releases Flora and takes her away from the danger. They are bound for the elephant preserve where Flora will be safe from harm, but they have to make it through the woods and the distance of 200 kilometers. There are dangers on all sides, including two elephant hunters and a fast moving river.

What is unique about the film

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a moving film that addresses the inhumane treatment of animals.

This will make for an exciting drama that also has a humanitarian flavor. There is no doubt that the pair will encounter some heart stopping moments. This film will tell the world about the dangers that these innocent animals face when they are no longer suitable as a money making investment. There is a degree of inhumanity which is counter balanced by young Dawn’s swift action to save the beloved elephant. There is every indication

Cast and crew

Execs have released the names of the cast for the film. They include Jenna Ortega, David Arquette, Leonor Varela and Tom Arnold. In addition, Tai, the veteran film star elephant will play the role of Flora. The story is written by David Moss and Mark Taylor. Taylor, who is a well known veteran for commercial British TV is also directing the film. It is being produced by Fabio Golombek (“Like Sunday Like Rain”) of FJ Productions; Amber Wang of “Rock Dog” and Brad Billington known for “Lethal Cowboy.”

Other information

This film is destined to be an asset for the effort to enhance the conservation of elephants. The producers have made a vow to donate a portion of the proceeds of the film among different organizations world-wide, that protect elephants. The movie is currently in the pre-production stage of development. Filming is currently underway in Los Angeles, California. It is an American production that will include filming locations in Mexico. There has not been a release date set yet because the film is still early in its development. We’re looking forward to the release of a trailer when more of the scenes have been shot and put together for its sneak previews.

Threshold – Movie Review

A grieving couple find themselves struggling to survive one apocalyptic evening in the brand-new, Sci-Fi/Horror offering Threshold. Distribution Solutions/Alliance Entertainment and Archstone Distribution deliver the film to Digital and VOD on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019.

Married for three years, loving couple Cynthia (Trilby Glover: Righteous Kill 2008Scream Queens series) and Aaron (Randy Wayne: Honey 2 2011Escape Room 2017) have decided to foster a young boy, though one night a series of unfortunate events leads to tragedy. As they each search helplessly for answers, Cynthia turns toward a book group—led by the hippie Dagan (Graham Sibley: Zombie Honeymoon 2004Sully 2016) and a New Age lifestyle, while Aaron finds himself trapped at the bottom of a bottle.

This will all change, however, on one apocalyptic evening. With the arrival of an otherworldly stranger (Leslie Stevens: True Blood seriesTroubled Child 2012), the bitterly divided couple will be forced to make some very important decisions about who to trust in order to survive. Can they unravel the mystery of the woman and her appearance together, or will their bitter past continue to divide them? Perhaps, most importantly, is this the end of the world or merely the demise of their relationship?

Clocking in at 102 minutes, Threshold was written and directed by Jason Eric Perlman (How’s My Driving? short 2004Parasite short 2009), and serves as this talented filmmaker’s feature-length debut. It also features the acting talents of the adorable Nicholas Oteri (Circus short 2015Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children 2016), Rich Paul (Godzilla 2014Age of the Living Dead series), Courtney Daniels (The Girl in the Book 2015Rescue Dogs 2016), Derek Magyar (NCIS seriesBoy Culture series), and Frank the Pug.

Billed as a blend of Sci-Fi and Horror, Threshold is an amalgamation of genres that includes elements of Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, and, alright, a tiny smidgeon of Horror (namely its home invasion scenario). Basically put, the story here is a Dramatic Thriller that takes place on an apocalyptic evening with an otherworldly stranger. Who is she and where is she from? How does she know so much about the couple and their son? These are the important questions, adding a clear element of mystery.

All of this said, Threshold is a beautifully shot film thanks to the cinematography of Brian Outland (The Last Long Weekend short 2012Eric & Allie short 2014). While it looks phenomenal, the multi-layered story is one that is likely to bespell some while putting others to sleep. Which is not to suggest that it’s bad or boring, no: it is merely a journey that only some will appreciate at its conclusion. Admittedly, the film never entirely overstays its welcome, though its run time could easily be culled by 10-15 minutes to make for a more enjoyable experience.

The cast here, led by Glover and Wayne, do a remarkable job in their roles. As Cynthia, Glover effectively communicates the emotional nature of losing a child and grieving his loss, all while beginning to search for the answers to much greater questions; she opens herself to the universe with desperate hope in her heart. Wayne’s Aaron serves as her perfect foil: his loss has made him angry, and he has evolved from doting father to bitter being. Their character development is wonderful, and while they are contrasting opposites, they are both likable and relatable. In this, they are each sympathetic characters that represent the opposing sides of grief.

threshold 2 - Threshold (Movie Review)

Threshold still

It is Stevens’ character who creates the mountain that the couple must climb together. As her purpose is not entirely clear and her arrival is mysterious in and of itself—not to mention she is completely naked—Stevens’ is left to author her performance with severe minimalism. However, she does an excellent job of being suitably unnerving enough to appear not entirely trustworthy, all while remaining seemingly non-threatening. It is a careful line to tread, one that is of great importance to this story: it is Stevens’ ability to balance these conflicting scenarios that makes both Cynthia and Aaron’s reactions to her appearance believable.

Because it’s never abundantly obvious what will happen next, the tension runs thick throughout the film. Though, at its core, Threshold is a story about faith and love. What you take away from the experience will depend upon what you bring into your viewing, and how open you are to the story’s deeper layers. For some, Threshold will amount to little more than an unsatisfactory home invasion flick, while for others it will be a multi-layered tale of loss, faith, and redemption. It is an enjoyable watch and a great foretelling of Perlman’s bright future, and that is why Cryptic Rock give Threshold 4 out of 5 stars.

High Moon (2019) – Movie Review

Courtesy of Distribution Solutions / Alliance Entertainment

Werewolves, Old West Gunslingers, Motorcycles, Oh My!

HIGH MOON is directed by Josh Ridgway and stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Chelsea Edmundson, Chad Michael Collins, and Matthew Tompkins.

Let’s start off the bat by saying HIGH MOON isn’t the best werewolf film out there, but it’s probably one of the funniest to watch. It’s super over the top, which gives it a certain kind of charm.

The film mixes three different genres: Western, Horror, and Action. Basically, there is a gunslinger from the 19th Century named Colt who rises from the grave and into the modern world. He finds out that the werewolves that murdered his wife are still around (with motorcycles, no less). So not only does Colt have to contend with the modern era, but he has to finish his revenge, though he does get help from a few of the locals.

I will say that the film’s premise is different than most other werewolf films. This isn’t Underworld or American Werewolf in London. It’s more over-the-top like Wolf Cop.

The acting is totally B-film quality, but it’s not overly terrible either. I’ve always been a fan of Sean Patrick Flanery and his role as the corrupt Mayor was fun! Chad Michael Collins, who played the main character Colt, wasn’t too bad either. He seemed to take his role quite seriously.

I will give HIGH MOON credit because the Western genre and Horror genre actually go great together. My overall advice is don’t take HIGH MOON too seriously and just enjoy the ride!

The film is now available on VOD/Digital!